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We share a vision with our clients, with whom together we generate financial and social value through solutions for the supply chain and directing our efforts carefully along the way. We have extensive experience in distribution and storage services, supported by the preference of more than 200 clients in different industries, including: automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


Our 3PL system provides precise control of product storage and distribution. It also consolidates cargo and coordinates transport services, management, inventory control and retail. To speed up, organize, and automate the process from merchandise receipt to issuance in the distribution center.


We have specialized personnel to handle any type of tax or customs question; Inventory control management system; Foreign Trade Operations Preventive audit; government paperwork and procedures.


Grupo Cargoquin, started as customs broker in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas in 1969. Ever since, Grupo Cargoquin has expanded its portfolio of services including highly specialized international sea and air, as well as ground transport.

About Us

Grupo Cargoquin is your best value option in the logistics sector, which consolidates all international operations under one single brand and preference: to connect the world. Our excellence in global logistics is the result of our long experience in the sector, customer service, and cutting-edge technology.


We guarantee full handling of import and export procedures under standardized processes and excellent commercial services from any customs office and by any means of transport; whether by sea, air or land. We take care of import and export processes, tariff classification, and consolidation and de-consolidation of goods; in a timely fashion.